Frequently Asked Questions about Integrative Therapies


What are Integrative Therapies and what can they do for me?

The Sari Center exists exclusively to guide a cancer patient's journey through treatment, while working toward the ultimate goal of enhanced quality of life. The highly trained and qualified professionals that make up the interdisciplinary team at the Sari Center are careful not to suggest an unrealistic expectation that complementary therapies can cure a patient's illness. However, the staff does work collaboratively with the physicians to incorporate integrative services into a patient's course of medical treatment, supporting their ongoing physical and emotional needs by promoting a healthy mind, body and spirit. Patients do not need a doctor's order for integrative services at the Sari Center. Patients are typically referred through their oncologist, social worker or word of mouth via a friend or acquaintance.

The primary goal of the Sari Center team is to provide our cancer community with an integrative framework for cancer care that includes the full spectrum of physical, emotional, and spiritual support. By strengthening the body, educating the mind, and nurturing strength and courage, this complementary approach empowers patients, family members and friends by giving them the opportunity to choose integrative therapies to address individual needs. The integrative therapies offered at the Sari Center are accessible to all cancer-diagnosed patients and affected loved ones, regardless of economic status.

Integrative Therapies offer progressive multidisciplinary treatments in addition to the medical therapies you are already receiving or have received in the past. Whether you are one month from diagnosis or 10 years from diagnosis, you can benefit in many ways from the services at the Sari Center.

Integrative Therapies can function as a bridge between traditional medical practice and the complementary healing arts. We believe that each individual is their own greatest healing agent and that our role as therapists is to facilitate the healer within.

Many of our patients are referred by their oncologist. We work closely with your referring physician to assure continuity of care and appropriate treatment management. It is also possible to utilize the Integrative Therapies at the Sari Center without a referral from your doctor, although it is often helpful for those seeking rehabilitation services to coordinate care with their treating physicians. Please contact us for more information about our services or for questions about utilization of benefits.

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How do I start at the Sari Center?

It's so easy, just call (561) 578-5900!  The Center Director is typically the first point of contact at the Sari Center who meets initially with each patient and/or family member upon request for services or integrative therapies. Our goal is to foster an active support network for the patient, either at the time of diagnosis, or as ongoing challenges arise at any stage of a patient's illness. As new patients are referred to the Center, they are scheduled for an initial assessment to evaluate their needs & coordinate their integrative therapies.

The staff at the Center help to identify and support not only the patient's needs, but also those of the family. It is important to note that the Sari Center exists to serve the patient as well as the patient's direct caregiver or person(s) significantly affected by the patient's illness.

Psychosocial Support Services
Cancer patients who are undergoing treatment may experience many hardships that make life's daily tasks seem physically and mentally overwhelming at times. Patients are often tired and may experience limited activity levels, depleting financial resources, or an inadequate support system. As part of the integrative therapies offered at the Sari Center, the psychosocial team exists to provide ongoing professional support, not only for the patient but for the patient's loved ones as well.

Some of the identified services a patient and/or family member may be linked to include: transportation, home health care, financial support, child care resources, wigs, prostheses, and any other psychosocial needs that may arise during treatment. The Sari team can provide linking & advocacy for patients either in the local cancer community or within the integrative therapies offered at the Sari Center.

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Who can come to the Sari Center?

The Sari Center's mission is to serve the entire cancer community, regardless of who the treating physician is or where the patient receives treatment. We emphasize the importance that our patients inform their oncologists of the services they are receiving at the Center, and encourage a collaborative relationship in support of their integrative care.

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Does Medicare  or other insurance cover visits to the Sari Center?
The Sari Center is not presently billing any claims to insurance providers or any other 3rd party. We do not have any confirmation or information on whether or not our integrative therapy services are covered by your provider. We are a non-profit, charitable organization and we exist primarily on grant funding and support from our donors. We do have fees assigned to some of our services, as well as a sliding fee discount scale for those who qualify.  At the time of initial assessment, all fees for service will be explained and your payment agreement will be solidified. We will give you a receipt if desired of services received, which you can then submit to your provider to determine whether or not you may be eligible for reimbursement.


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