Yoga for Cancer Survivors Class

Oct 15, 2018 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM

Gentle Yoga Class for Cancer Survivors with Christen Scott, RYT, at Power Yoga Tribe

420 US Highway 1, Suite 13
North Palm Beach, FL 33408

Phone (561) 596-3662

Drop-in class, $15 Suggested donation

We are thrilled to partner with Power Yoga Tribe and Christen & Preston Scott to offer our community a gentle yoga class for cancer susrvivors!

Therapeutic yoga provides modifications to meet individual needs; anyone can benefit from this practice!  Yoga is an ancient practice that is used to create and maintain balance in the body, mind, and spirit.   Through a combination of body postures and controlled breathing exercises, yoga helps us achieve total peacefulness. Yoga is an aid to maintaining health and can also support the healing process in a variety of ways.  A regular yoga practice can:  ease muscle tension, improve circulation, improve concentration and memory, increase flexibility and balance, ease chronic pain and anxiety, tone and strengthen the body, and support proper functioning of all body systems.

The Registered Yoga Teacher that works with the Sari Center teaches students how to use the techniques they have learned in class as an ongoing self-care practice at home.  Individualized attention and instruction is given to each participant to address specific needs and issues.  Beginners and individuals of all ages, stages, and conditions are encouraged to practice yoga regularly as a complementary therapy to help reduce stress and anxiety, and to promote mind-body awareness and healing.  In collaboration with medical treatment, yoga can greatly impact a person’s ability to mentally cope as well as achieve an overall improved physical, psychological and spiritual well-being.

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Power Yoga Tribe
420 US HWY 1, Suite #13
North Palm Beach, FL 33408

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