Sari's Story

As a child, growing up on a farm, Sari would run around and dozens of kittens would chase after her. She was magical and mystical from birth. Every gentle being was attracted to Sari, animals and people alike.

A nurse and then an entrepreneur for 21 years, Sari lived life always giving, mentoring, and being a philanthropist. Her strength, courage, and spirit touched everyone she met. After being diagnosed with cancer, Sari had 6 1/2 of the happiest years she ever had. What strength.

"Sari knew that waiting out the storm wasn't the answer.
Sari danced in the rain."


How this ability could be analyzed and taught to other patients is exciting, it added quantity to Sari's life and certainly added quality. Sari Asher was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of multiple myeloma when she was 47 years old. At that time she was given a life expectancy of months. How did Sari survive 6 1/2 years, most of which was with a high quality of life? In addition to standard treatments and clinical trials, Sari sought holistic approaches to her care. For example, Sari sought out Ayurvedic practitioners and with their help was able to detoxify from the side effects of high dose steroids. Sari's steroid-related side effects had become so severe that she could not be given any more however; the Ayurvedic treatments totally eliminated the side effects allowing her to live years longer with additional treatment. The Ayurvedic detoxification amazed the medical community in several countries, and this was just one of the holistic approaches Sari adopted during her illness.

The Sari Center has been developed by the Palm Beach Cancer Institute Foundation in conjunction with others in the community to provide a variety of services and treatments to cancer patients and to sponsor controlled trials to evaluate the efficacy of holistic therapies, including how to replicate the benefits of Sari's magical spirit for others with cancer. The results of these trials may enhance the way patients with cancer are treated worldwide. The goal is more quantity and quality of life for cancer patients. When patients live longer, new treatments and cures become available.

Your support of the Sari Center will ensure that other patients with cancer can benefit from what Sari learned during her journey with cancer.

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